Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers

Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers (CHDH) is a non-sectarian, all-inclusive homeschool community for Chapel Hill, Durham, and surrounding communities.

Google Group

Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers stay connected through our exclusive and very active online community. This is a great place to ask for advice, plan classes or events, and share information with other homeschooling families. Staying connected regularly is what helps make this group so successful. Join Now.

Friday Enrichment

Join other CHDH members for Friday Enrichment where we offer a variety of classes taught by members of our community. These classes are organized into multi-week sessions throughout the year. From toddlers to teens, there is something for everyone.

CHDH Events

You will want to join in for many CHDH-sponsored events to connect new and returning members, like our annual pool party or potluck lunches. Recurring events, such as our Tuesdays with Littles playgroup and skate sessions are always well attended. Gather with friends for local trips to museums and plays. There is always something new and interesting going on. Check our calendar for more.

Mission Statement

Chapel Hill Homeschoolers has been formed to serve as an organization of home school families committed to maintaining educational freedom and encouraging educational excellence. We are advocates for home education in our community, state, and nation, and support families who home school. We believe that parents are responsible for the education of their children with the authority to evaluate and select among educational alternatives. We strive toward open communication and understanding of one another. We are non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.

New to Homeschooling?

We have compiled a selection of homeschooling resources that we hope will help you as you embark on this journey. Everything from the legal process for opening a homeschool to a list of other local groups and links about different approaches to home education.

About Us

Chapel Hill Homeschoolers is a diverse network of parents and children homeschooling in North Carolina's Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding communities. Our group was founded in 1990 to provide encouragement, support and enriching activities for our homeschooling community. One important service that we provide is online access to the community via our active google group (email loop), where members ask questions and offer advice about homeschooling and related topics. Our "Friday Enrichment" program is an ever-changing smorgasbord of community-taught classes for kids from preschool through junior high school. These popular classes, available only to CHH members, are offered in 6-week sessions throughout the "school year." We also organize several official CHH events each year such as a pool party, potlucks, and workshops on various topics. Individual members are free to organize events as well. Popular recurring events include a once-a-month homeschool skate session and a "Tuesdays with Littles" play group, among others. Information about these offerings can be found on the email loop.

Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers is a diverse network of parents and children homeschooling in North Carolina’s Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in providing an inclusive, supportive environment for all of our member families. With our network of diverse veteran homeschoolers, we are confident you will find what you need to be confident in your homeschool journey.

A Brief History of Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers

Provided By Founding Member: Kathy Arab

In 1988, “a small group of concerned parents helped pass a law making North Carolina one of the most homeschool-friendly states in the nation.” Among those lobbying for educational freedom were some future founding parents of Chapel Hill-Durham Homeschoolers (CHDH) who were already homeschooling under the radar. Initially, twenty Orange and Durham County Christian families met for homeschool support (now known as CHEAGD). Within the year, a couple of non-religious families joined their ranks. So, in order to include everyone, the Chapel Hill members (approximately 15 families) established their own unique support group in 1989. These founders, acutely aware of the diversity of thought that existed regarding religion, painstakingly framed our mission statement to reach the place where all members could stand together. Per a 1990 newsletter, the name had yet to evolve from “Home Education Association of Greater Chapel Hill” or “Chapel Hill Area Home Education Association” to its current title. Less than five years after its inception, membership had grown an astounding 500 percent! Our continued growth compelled us to more formally register as a 501-(c)(3) organization in 2008. As a non-sectarian group, i.e., not subscribing to any particular philosophy about any particular issue, CHDH’s continued existence as a diverse group is extraordinary. We differ on many issues, but we share in the adventure of homeschooling. From the beginning, members networked to enhance their opportunities in music, sports, curricula, field trips, and the “all-important” socializing. Our strength as a homeschool support group continues to rest on our individual contributions and respect for one another.


Chapel Hill Homeschoolers is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization and accepts donations of any amount. You can send us a donation through paypal or email for our mailing address.


Members and non-members can support CHDH through several fundraising channels at no extra cost to you. Please see our fundraising page for more.