Would you like to help raise money for Chapel Hill Homeschoolers just by doing what you do all the time--shopping? Chapel Hill Homeschoolers participates in several store fundraising programs:

Harris Teeter

You must re-link your card each calendar school year, beginning August 1st. Harris Teeter's program allows you to support more than one school, so you don't have to make any difficult decisions if you have more than one school you'd like to support.

1. Go to

2. Follow the prompts to enter your VIC card. Our school code is 2897 (or you can search by Chapel Hill Homeschoolers)

And, of course, you can re-link your card right at the register the next time you go shopping, or you can re-link at the Customer Service desk.

Go to and search for Chapel Hill Homeschoolers to give us %0.5 of every purchase you make.

Box Tops

Download the Box Tops for Education App. Sign in or sign up. Search for Chapel Hill Homeschoolers. Scan receipts and earn us money.