New Homeschoolers - Start Here

We understand that there are many of you who are exploring homeschooling for the first time due to COVID-19 and may not intend it for the long term. We've put together this page as a friendly starting point to ease you in. After you've explored this page and feel more confident we encourage you to check out our homeschool resources page for greater detail and lots of links.

Important Note: If you are enrolling in K12, Connections Academy or Ignite (any of the public online options) you do NOT need to register as a homeschooler. You are still enrolled in public school with these options. You can feel free to get tips and advice from homeschoolers here and in our google group but you won't complete the homeschool letter of intent.

Paperwork/legal stuff summary

1. Don't open a homeschool if your child won't turn 7 until after the coming June, or if they're enrolled in public school online

2. Submit a Notice of Intent online, which will include choosing a name for your homeschool and submitting proof that you graduated high school (at minimum)

3. Maintain records at home that include attendance, immunization records or waiver and an annual standardized test.

See the PDF here for the detailed version of these instructions.

A Guide to Opening Your Homeschool

This is a resource created by an existing homeschooler with curricula that is secular and will most closely match what you'd expect in a public school.

Homeschool Curriculum Suggestions (1).pdf